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Comment by TImmy
Everything is very cool! But the shower was dirty, changed for me for second room.
Hostess very nice and obedient, I recommend these locations.
Comment by Rico
I found these page on YouTube channel - Internet Commander, and all what I can say is fantastic agency! Care very well about me, pick up from airport in Bangkok, driver help me with luggages.
Hotel very well located in Pattaya City center, is quietly but close to all entertiment, just 3 minutes to main beach on the city! I'm first time in Pattaya and the hostess help me enjoy everything what is possible here, is a lot of things to do for fun and other entertiment. Mew and Lin care me very well and very deep! I stayed only 10 days but for sure I'm back very soon! Regards, Rico.
Comment by Ez
If you want to experience true paradise I would highly recommend booking Sun or Lyn both girls are totally stunning and cater to your every wish. I had the best two weeks of my life with those beautiful girls and realised that heaven is not the only place where angels exist. Trust me you won't be disappointed with these two, you will get exactly what you ask for and more than expected.
Comment by Internet Commander
I was very short time there but very nice memories. A girl helpful in all matters, as a guide, masseur, cuddly, lover. Hotel in the city center very close to all entertainment. I checked and recommend very much to anyone who wants something more than drink cheap beer on the beach ; )
Comment by Nicolas
I enjoy time in Thai Sexy, my choice was "Am" - highly recomend. Regards
Comment by RONNIE
I spent a great time with the: Thai Sexy Agency, the girl turned out to be, not only a great partner but also a wonderful guide! I would recommend!
Comment by L
SUN gets a perfect 10 in my opinion! She's a Star????. I look forward to utilizing Thai Sexy Holiday Services again in the future.
Comment by Lavan
i am very happy with this service
Comment by Mati
I am very happy with the services of Thai Sexy Holiday agency, recently I booked, but my plans have changed and I could only after about 7 months, so they sent me back the advance. So I have booked again and here I am! I take the Girl how much I want and how deep I want... I do not understand Tim WTF are you talking about ?! Maybe you're such a pussy, that you can't do it with prostitute too?! Btw the girl is also a great guide, you have to pay for the food and drinks, but fuck it, is a dream vacation!
Comment by Matt
to Tim who wrote the review on November 30th.
Which girls you saw. Are you telling me those hostesses are just guides?
email me please at
I was thinking of booking a trip.
Thank you
Comment by Tim
Further to my review below dated 30-11-2018, the Company has responded to me personally and provided me with an offer that indicates they are serious about customer satisfaction. It is evident that the Company are sorry for the experience I had and would like to see a good outcome. I have lifted my rating to four stars on this basis, however should I make a return visit, I anticipate that the fifth star could be in play.
Comment by Tim
I recently completed a seven day stay. The girl I selected ahead of my visit had left the Company before I arrived so the Company recommended another who I agreed to. Car pick up and arrival at accommodation was well conducted (a new Hotel was used - this one in Pattaya proper just north of Walking Street). My hostess arrived on time and we had a stilted conversation as her English was limited, however we managed to come up with an initial plan. First night went OK but it was only me giving pleasure to the girl with me getting no service back - quite frustrating. The next few days the hostess mostly worked well as a tour guide (when she was not engrossed in her phones) and as a companion who could get things organised while sightseeing, however never really provided any girlfriend experience. At night I would seek to initiate intimate contact whereby she would happily receive me giving her pleasure but continued to give me nothing back. We would both be sexually aroused, however I was always left frustrated. She not only did not provide any 'full service', but she also did not provide any intimate service to me at all. Half way through my holiday I spoke to her about this and advised her I was going to seek a replacement hostess, which I did by email to the Company. Unfortunately there was no quick response from the Company however I did eventually receive an email indicating they were not replacing my hostess as she had apparently promised 'to improve everything'. By now it was Day 5 but I was hopeful that my hostess would improve and provide some intimate 'girlfriend experiences' however this did not prove to be the case. Night 5 she got sufficiently drunk that she was not interested in anything but sleep, and night 6 she stayed fully dressed in bed and watched TV and did not respond to any advances at all. I was very frustrated as this was not the experience and service I had paid for as part my holiday so I emailed the Company late that night and advised that unless they provided a new hostess my last 36 hours were going to be a continued disappointment. The Company sent my first hostess home the next morning and I got a replacement hostess later that afternoon for my last night in country. The new hostess had better English and we could actually get to know each other through conversation over a pleasant dinner before going back to the hotel where we had good intimate activity up until just short of full service - where once again my hostess left me frustrated. In summary I would say that my holiday was good from a transport, accommodation and guided tour perspective - as my hostesses could obviously speak Thai, get things arranged and find the most suitable means of getting around; while also providing companionship while doing any sightseeing - that was the good part. The website also promised a 'girlfriend experience' with 'all extras' and 'do everything to content you' which just did not occur. Perhaps if I had more than one night with my second hostess this might have developed, but my actual holiday did not meet expectations and I was left frustrated by the lack of 'sexy' in my Thai Sexy Holiday. It felt like I had paid good money for a certain type of holiday however it seemed it was actually me who was providing a boyfriend experience to the girl (ie I paid for and took her out to dinner and shows, as well as masturbated her to orgasms, while the girl did nothing in return and just left me sexually frustrated). As I am single, affluent, and travel internationally on a regular basis, I am probably the type of customer that this Company would be seeking to have come back again and again, however they have been let down by the performance (or lack of in a sex sense) by their hostesses. For me to go back I would need to be convinced by the Company beforehand of three things - 1. The hostess had sufficient mastery of English to be able to have reasonable conversations; 2. The hostess was fully onboard with providing a committed 'girlfriend experience' including 'full service'; and 3. If the hostess failed to provide these services then the Company would refund a previously agreed amount for 'advertised intimate service expectations that were not actually received'.
Comment by Steve
A lot of attraction, even the girl next to me! :)
Comment by TED
It was amazing holiday with a great girl, thank you!
Comment by T.
Nice girl, She was very hard-working, she did not complain that too much work.
Nice room and close to the beach, public transport and restaurant.
Service at a very satisfactory level, very attractive price considering the location and quality of the service. I highly recommend!
Comment by John
Nice clean apartment very close to the palm beach, many restaurants close and places to entertain, service was very nice, pretty and intense ;) Regards, I'll back
Comment by Stefan
Thank you to AIW for a great week and for good guidance. You taught me lots of Thailand. Hope your cold is better. The hotel did not match the description that was available when I booked. Now there is a description that is better. You should adjust the price a bit considering the new hotel. noisy, no elevator.

ขอขอบคุณ AIW สำหรับสัปดาห์ที่ยอดเยี่ยมและคำแนะนำที่ดี คุณสอนฉันมากมายให้กับประเทศไทย หวังว่าความหนาวเย็นของคุณจะดีกว่า โรงแรมไม่ตรงกับคำอธิบายที่พร้อมใช้งานเมื่อจอง ตอนนี้มีคำอธิบายที่ดีกว่า คุณควรปรับราคาให้เล็กน้อยโดยพิจารณาจากโรงแรมใหม่ เสียงดังไม่มีลิฟต์ // Stefan
Comment by L
A good sexy,sexual sensual time with amazing décor and women :)
Comment by Ben Chod
Myself From India, always problem getting into bars but with sexy thai girl she talk and make so easy to go anywheres.Fully recommend as she helps choose hot and sexy girl from bars and tells how massage I like then at night we fucking like crazy. Good value for money especially for lonely and little olderly single (alone also unmarried) and little bit shy, like I was. Already plannig second sex-holiday.
Comment by 魚在水中
The room are big and clean (the photos correspond to the reality), as well as the area with swimming pool. Helpful staff, also the transfers from and to the airport have worked smoothly and without traffic jam.
The most important thing: my companion was fall in love - she's pretty, sweet, funny, entertaining, honest (no tricks or rip-off), no moods. We stay together, two days on island, but also the quiet days at the hotel, we are never boring with my girl
If your lady was treated with respect (on the same level) she's do the same and the time spent together was wonderful
The prices are quite fair for the offered quality .
Conclusion: basically I will come back!
Comment by Hans
5 Stars!

Room TOP
Companion TOP
Service TOP

Really everything perfect! Room, woman, pool everything was simply great ... great rooms, friendly service, everything was great,

had a lot of fun !
Comment by John Barracuda
Everything's was awesome and very 'sexy! Thnx
Comment by DaniUS
Everything was okey, thanks for the awesome service. I will back!
Comment by Vinyl
And again, I had a fantastic holiday with this Thai Sexy agency. Thanks!
Comment by Haiko
Very cool travel agency, at first I was a little afraid, but everything was ok.
Comment by Steven
All was well, ass, place, price.
Comment by xy
I was there 2 months ago for a week with girl GATE Which one have booked, was tiring, she asked me constantly about money and gifts. I was reported about that after 2 days but change the girl next day, apparently had to arrive from afar.
The other girl's name is POR, she saved my holiday, I meant, relax and sex.
I would not recommend girl GATE she wasted my 3 days in a 7 days holiday in Thailand, maybe reacted too late.
Comment by Brian
Great time with thai sexy, near Walkingstreet close to the sea, great holiday companion, stress-free stay and a comprehensive service, I like it. Wonderful fun, thank you and see you.
Comment by E.J.
It's just awesome, see You again soon!
Comment by Chris
Clean and nice place, nice and hard-working girl, beautiful weather and cold beer! I would recommend!
Comment by Denver
Pattaya is the best place for vacation, for any man's.
There is not much choice of the girls, but the price is- in terms of quality very good. Not bad location.
Comment by Craig
Nice place, nice girls, nice service, nice to come back.
Comment by Greg M.
The best holiday of my life nothing more to add, the girls lovely and beautiful, wonderful weather, I visited beautiful places .. for example, the island of Koh Larn 40 minutes by boat thats cost 3 $ together with my companion. I can recommend this website to everyone... who dreams of paradise :)
Comment by Robert J.
I found this website on the internet, a super Thailand, Pattaya amazing, by my side sexy accompaniment wonderful weather and a lot of entertainment in Pattaya bored impossible.
Super service, nice room, good price ... thanks!
Comment by ANAYAR
Hello, I was a week all around. I would recommend this especially as options for people at first will arrive in those areas, in order to known :) I'm happy to spend the time with hostess OIL
Comment by Onitasuka
Thailand Pattaya great clubs, bars, brothels wild walking street, a lot of tourists from all over the world, JP / USA / DE / CAN / many attractions prepared for tourists, it is good to have a girl with me as a sex toy and can always take another whore variety and fun
Comment by samson
all awesome
I recommend
Comment by Martin
Those were really sexy holiday, in a very real sense, greetings
Comment by Jack
just great ....
really .... everything perfect! everything
was promised is, until next time
Comment by Mike
Simply a super holiday with a super team, the companion also very nice, everything was super :) Greetings- Mike





About us

The idea of holiday with an exotic and beautiful girl as a companion in Thailand , originates from the the niche in the tourist market for that kind of services, that we’ve noticed long time ago. We were going to fill that special niche and we are successfully doing  it since 2015 . Our aim is to give you an unique opportunity to spend unforgettable vacation of your dreams.

         When you think of the distant travel  to exotic countries such as Thailand and you would like to spend that time in the company with the beautiful hostess 24h/ 7 ,  but very often you find  various kinds of obstacles such as  foreign culture, different language or even fear of thieves and hustlers. It seems almost impossible to plan safe vacation, especially when you go for a such long journey in the distant part of globe, maybe you will expose yourself to “ be robbed” by the beautiful, mysterious woman brought to the hotel.  It isn’t also easy to keep discretion   while the stay in Thailand you will take a part in “ rallies” from bar to bar in looking for some feminine companionship.

There are plenty of blogs and websites offering similar tourist services but after careful checking it turns out usually attempt of fraud or deception. Many of them have just unprofessional services or it simply turns out “a fake” and one day that so called travel agencies cease to exist.

For us it is the priority to offer you a secure, discreet and the most wonderful vacation of your life in the company of sexy, exotic girls which make your wildest dreams come true, and that’s all for a reasonable price.

Our team of hostesses is available , the chosen companion will be with you 24 hours/ 7 days a week, and the girl will stay with you in your apartment, of course.

We cannot make any statements services providing by our hostesses, because in Thailand prostitution is prohibited. Our girls are independent and the legal situation for us as hosts and mediators is clearly permitted, and we don’t want to dictate to our women what they exactly have to do.  You can be sure that the hostess chosen by you will do everything to content you because only in that case you want to  keep her during your entire holiday. As our guest you have the right to replace your first choice companion at any time or on request after every three days.

Only with our hostesses you can get authentic feeling – “Girlfriend”- as with your girlfriend, you will meet with respect , not as an “employee”, she will quickly adapt with all “extras”. She will do everything to make you feel exceptionally and  make your vacations unforgettable. Uśmiech



Does the price include fees for the girls? How am I account with chosen hostess?

The price of the holiday includes all costs associated with the stay and the costs associated with the hostess. If you want you may give your companion a tip at the end of the stay.

Is anal sex or sex without a condom possible ?

That kind of questions connected with intimacy , are possible to discuss personally with the chosen companion.

Personally, we do not recommend having intimate moments with a person met by chance without using condoms.

Whether the minimal stay is supposed to last 7 days?

Theoretically, the minimal stay may last only one day, but it’s definitely too short time to enjoy even small piece of our offer. That’s why we recommend you  at least three -day stay as a minimal stay, because some of our hostesses come from far away and coming to Pattaya just for one day is just impossible.

The best choice is seven-day stay , which is calculated normally , but when  you decide to stay with us for 10 and more days we will ensure you the special gift.

 What kind of documents you should take with on that vacation?

It is necessary to take with you the passport valid at least 6 months, an international driving license if you are going to rent a car or motorbike and insurance covering medical costs .

What kind of extra costs I should be prepared?

You should be prepared for expenses related to your entertainment and food , please remember also about your exotic beauty, I mean when you go to the cinema you will buy the ticket for your girlfriend, too, and the same in the restaurant and so on. But it will be not  a great cost, because in Thailand everything is cheap!

If I would like to come with my friend , is it possible to book two room apartment?

Our apartments are situated on the top floors of the apartment building. We ensure wonderful sea view from its balconies. To see more details about the apartments please check in the gallery of photos on our website. Each of our guests will receive his own room and it is included in the price of the vacation. The rooms (25 m2) are held in the bright or dark colour scheme.

How can I get from the airport in Bangkok to Pattaya?

The transport from the airport in Bangkok BKK to Pattaya and return transport are also included in the price of vacation. We ensure you private driver , who will be waiting for you in the earlier arranged place on the airport. He will deal with you luggage, of course. An air-conditioned limo ride is certainly most convenient after an exhausting long-haul flight. We ensure you very comfortable car – Toyota Fortuner with leather upholstery, that's all for your convenience.

What is the best way of getting around in Pattaya?

In Pattaya we recommend renting motor bike , for example Honda PCX, the cost of renting it is only 10 € per day or we can ensure you a private driver who will be at the disposal of you. The price for his services is negotiable, for example the one-day touring trip in Pattaya or in Bangkok and its  surroundings. As an alternative way for moving  around Pattaya can be the taxi, but it will be more expensive or rent a car for about 60 € per day. There are also small buses , which start its course just from our apartment building to the beach in every 30 minutes. The easiest and most convenient way of getting around in Pattaya is TukTuk, it is usually blue pick-up truck with two rows of passenger seats in a covered overhead back cabin. If you don’t want to drive by yourself it is the best and the cheapest way moving around the city . For a few Thai Baths you may visit the entire city and whenever you want to stop the trip just knock into the cabin. Mrugnięcie